2014/15 Season update


June 4th, 2014



With 15 clubs in attendance, Col Dick opened the meeting at 6:40pm, welcoming all representatives.  He introduced Greg Morriss, Deputy Commissioner and Kate Dobie, Bandits AGM.  Col handed over the chair to Greg Morriss.

 Player Pathway and Little League

  •  Shayne Watson, Development Officer spoke on the new Baseball Australia Player Pathway. 
  •  From this season on, all U10 (5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 year olds) baseball from Tee Ball to Rookie Ball will be classed under the Little League banner. 
  •  U12 baseball will be either LL Majors or Minors.  BQ will manage the LL Majors competition.
  •  U14 baseball will be called Little League Juniors.
  •  U16 and U18 or U20 will not, at this stage be under Little League.
  •  The meeting was informed that, in the past, first year U14s, if age qualified, could play in the Little League State and National Championships.  This will no longer be the case. 


Any player that takes the field in any way to play in the Little League Junior competition, will not be permitted to play in the Little League State and National Championships. 

In other words, if a player is registered as a Little League player and wishes to compete in the State or National Little League Championships, they cannot play up in Little League Juniors even to face one pitch, play defence or any position on the field.



 Kate Dobie spoke to the clubs with regard to integration between the clubs and the Bandits.  Talked about club nights at the Bandits games.


Start Dates for Junior and Senior Comps.


 The senior competition, both Major Leagues and Minor Leagues will commence on Friday 19th September.

 In discussion, Adrian Lamb (Windsor) put a case for an early start and early finish to accommodate for international and professional players.

 Tony McPhail (Surfers)  put the case for a late September or early October start.

 Greg Morriss stated that he wanted the best competition for the clubs and asked for a show of hands.  After a number of counts from a show of hands, the clubs decided to go with a start date of 19th September for Majors and 21st September for Minors

 The seniors competitions will break for Christmas and New Year from December 22nd , returning to fixtures on January 9th 2015.



 The Juniors competitions will commence on 11th October and finish with a Grand Final on 21st March 2015.

 The juniors will break for Christmas and New Year from 14th December, returning to fixtures on January 31st 2015.

More games for juniors

There was discussion about possibly having carnivals were teams would be able to play 3 games in a day.  Or, there could be midweek games where clubs could play games instead of training sessions.  More information to be developed.

Major Leagues Criteria

The following changes will be made to the Criteria for a club to enter the Major Leagues.

On Field Criteria


a.      At least Major League, AAA and AA teams

b.      At Least 30 senior players (18 or over in 2014)

c.      At least 1 team in each of Little League Majors, Little League Juniors, U16 and U20 competitions.  Gold Coast and Toowoomba clubs may have their Little League Majors and Little League Juniors teams playing in a regional competition.

d.      At least 60 junior players including Little League Minors and below.

e.      All teams from Major League to Little League Minors must have a coach with a current Level 3 NCAS coaching accreditation in accordance with Baseball Queensland Rules.  All coaches must hold a current Blue Card in accordance with the Act.

f.       Each club is to supply a QBUA trained umpire appropriate to each level of competition and must wear the appropriate uniform as stated in the bylaws.

g.      Each club is to have an accredited scorer for each level of competition in accordance with the bylaws.

h.     All clubs must comply with the GBL Ground Evaluation.

i.       All players must be Active and Financial on the IMGSTG database by the time the season commences.


Greg Morriss stated that if a club makes the criteria then they will be invited to play in the Major Leagues.  There was also talk of three CRITERIA breaches and a club will be out of Majors for three years.  However, this point was taken under advisement and will be discussed further.

 The clubs asked that the “9 fresh player” bylaw be removed for AAA and AA.  Only Major League team will be required to have 9 fresh players.  Also, the bylaw regarding supplying umpires be changed to home team to supply 2 umpires per game in the seniors and juniors.



 The minor leagues will be A, B, C and D grade.  Col Dick gave a promise to look at the possibility of re-grading after 4 weeks of competition.


GBL Committees

 The proposition was put to the clubs that there be two committees to run the junior and senior competitions.  Tony McPhail (Surfers) said that there was no need for committees, but hold a forum 2 or 3 times per season to discuss the competition.  One person per club will be at the forum and teleconferences will be possible.

 The meeting closed at approximately 10:00pm


Please email me if you have any questions or need clarification. 

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