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Narangba Demons Baseball Club Volunteer Recognition Program Overview


Narangba Demons Baseball Club owes much of its success over the years to the support of its volunteer base. By now, many of you are aware that Demons have introduced a Volunteer Recognition Program for the upcoming 2014 / 2015 season. The Program was introduced for several reasons, and this document is to explain these reasons, and hopefully answer some of your questions so that everyone has a better understanding of the Program.

Demons must either maintain sufficient volunteers to properly manage the running of the club, or be forced to outsource roles at a much higher cost to the club, which will ultimately lead to significant increases in playing fees. As such, the committee has decided to implement this Program in an attempt to encourage a greater number of members to become involved with the running of the club, and in so doing, create a more efficient support system for now and the future.

Please take the time to read the remainder of this document and, after doing so, if you have any other questions, please contact the committee.

Program Objective

In order to run an effective and efficient club, Demons has to ensure that many varied tasks are covered. These include, but are not limited to, the management and operation of:

  • Grounds maintenance                                 
  • Canteen  
  • Finances                                                  
  • Member registration, recruiting                                  
  • Uniforms 
  • Coaching      
  • Umpiring                                                        
  • Scoring                                                             
  • Equipment                               
  • Team management
  • Communications 
  • Fundraising, Grants, Sponsorship


A dedicated band of volunteers has managed these tasks for many years, many taking multiples roles, however, with the reality of modern day life reducing many people’s available time, Demons have implemented the Volunteer Recognition Program to encourage more people to volunteer and spread the load.


The main objectives of the Program include:

Encouraging a larger number of volunteers to become involved in the running of the club, thereby, effectively tapping into the skills and talents of the club’s most valuable asset; its people.

Reducing the time required for each volunteer by dividing the tasks required to run the club into a larger number of more manageable jobs. As well as lowering the individual workload, this also spreads the knowledge of running the club to a broader base to ensure that the club can continue in the future.

Providing those who do not wish to volunteer a guilt-free mechanism to contribute to the club without investing their time. The committee understands that due to time constraints and other reasons, some people are not able to invest any time in the club.

Volunteer Pass

Starting last season, as part of the Volunteer Recognition Program, introduced a Volunteer Pass. The pass has again been set at $50 per player. This means that if you decide to not volunteer your time, you can, guilt free, by paying the Volunteer Pass. The pass is included in each members fees as an incentive to help out arond the club

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer roles have been allocated to five (5) different bands, based on the approximate estimated workload attached to each role. Each band has been given a minimum dollar value. This value will paid to members who are successful in securing a volunteer role as a rebate. The rebate will be refunded to each volunteer on or around the first of December. It is important to understand that these rebates are not attempting to pay the volunteer for all of their time invested….they could never do that. The rebates simply represent the club saying “thank you” to the volunteer for their efforts.

Details for the five (5) bands can be found on the club website. Should you be interested to take up a volunteer role for the 2014 / 2015 season, please submit an application form via the online Volunteer Registration Form on the club’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the club just attempting to make money from its members?

Absolutely not! The club aims to refund all funds received from the Volunteer Passes back to those members who volunteer their time. Delivering a wide base of support and initiative from within the club will ultimately lead to optimal management of the club. Should members not be able to commit to volunteering their time, they can be “guilt-free” in knowing their Volunteer Pass has helped contribute to those services that they were not able to support.

The club has run successfully for many years – why change?

The Volunteer Program aims to provide incentive for more members to volunteer their time which will reduce the workload on all, and in so doing, will recognise the increasing time pressures of its members which are now a reality for many in a modern lifestyle. A broader base of support also protects the knowledge base within the club.

What Volunteer work is available?

There is a wide range of options. Members are invited to select an area of support that suits their skills and availability and complete their preference by filling out an application form on the website.

The fees are too high now and I cannot afford to play anymore.

The committee are aware of pressures on family budgets and the intention is to keep fees as low as possible. Indeed if members can contribute time this will keep fees as low as possible as it will avoid Demons having to hire external service providers.

How will we be rebated?

In order to complete the necessary audit trail and for simplicity, all rebates will initially be paid against playing fees and uniforms. Any residual rebate will be paid via a method to be approved by the committee.

Other clubs won't do this, will that cause members to just move to other clubs?

Most of the baseball clubs in Brisbane have implemented similar Programs. Each club has agreed to apply the same Volunteer Pass of $100 to ensure that the Program will not impact the relative membership fees for different clubs.

What if there are no roles left to fill?

There is always work that needs doing and the committee is confident that there will be enough roles to fill the demand.

I am too busy and haven't the time to volunteer.

That is fine and the club appreciates that not everyone has the ability to help. This is why the Volunteer Pass is perfect as it allows a member without the time to volunteer a chance to contribute to the running of the club. It is a more equitable arrangement for all members and is a better and fairer way to run the affairs of a non-for-profit organisation.

How much is a Volunteer Pass worth?

A Volunteer Pass for the 2014-15 playing season is $100

How many Volunteer Passes is a volunteer entitled to?

A volunteer will get as many passes as the positions that they get accepted for. It should be noted, however, that it is the intention of the Program to get as many as volunteers as possible and not have people “doubling up”. If a volunteer holds more positions than they have players in their immediate family, the club will keep the value of the additional Passes. Examples of this are:

1. Terry Jones is a volunteer and a player. He would get the Volunteer Pass rebated off his fees.

2. Joe and Sue Smith each hold a position in the club but neither of them play. They have one (1) son as a playing member. They would get one (1) Volunteer Pass rebated against their sons’ fees.


3. Tom and Jenny Brown both hold a volunteer position within the club. Tom plays and they have two

(2) children playing. Tom would get a Volunteer Pass rebated against his fees. Jenny’s Volunteer Pass could be used against only one (1) of the children’s fees.

4. Harry White has two (2) volunteer positions in the club. He does not play but has a child and grandchild playing. He would get the Volunteer Pass rebated against the fees of his son and his grandson.

Is there a limit on the number of volunteer positions held?

The underlying theme of the Program is that people, where possible, would only hold one (1) volunteer position to spread the cost benefit across the most people available in the club. However, if, in the Committees opinion, a person is capable of holding more than one (1) position, a person may be awarded multiple positions.

Can a position be split?

Although not encouraged, a position can be split between two (2) people, however the Volunteer Pass and the reward must be split also.

When are the rewards issued?

The rewards will be awarded, as fee discounts / rebates, prior to the start of the season. If there is any residual reward to be paid to a volunteer, the balance will be paid via a voucher / gift card or supporters gear and will be paid on or about 1 December each year. The type of voucher / gift card to be issued will be decided by the committee.

I want to discuss this further.

The committee want all members to fully understand this process, and therefore any feedback or contribution is welcome.